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Oceanos Chile Partnership

Superfun and Oceanos Chile collaborating together for a common goal!

After some years of huge efforts, we have started our business scaling plan; and so we are now a global Business!

Friendship and business:

Something kind of pretext to go to the beach we started with our friend Ismael Herreros at Universidad Andres Bello by 2003 as the founders of the University Surf School became a well known professional service.

After a decade of trying diverse ways to make people feel good in the outdoors we have really built last decade the confidence to lead our innovative interpretive expertise into something real, that you can find on TripAdvisor.

We are in a quest for balance, between feeling free and safe, so we explain some of our guests, some of the things we have left apart for surfing, and between opposed poles we find merging ideas.

Feeling Free

With lots of devotion to our dreams when we awake and are truly inspiring people, so it feels good.

As Henry David Thoreau said: "hire the man who does the job for the love of doing it".

Most important something no one could ever steal from you, because its your story.

Keep that in mind, most of us who struggle to "conquer the useless", it does have a higher use, the ultimate quest of knowing who you are.

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