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Life Lovers

Within a busy day life, it gets harder as we grow to quit everything, grab your surfboard and go on a surf trip. Years pass, and we get comfy and tricky, but the no return point some time comes and you just say : "I´m Going south, no matter what". Postponing the decision at that critic moment would be to leave it for some day that will never come.

Life Lovers is the most pure expression of having Super Fun in Nature. Is a combination of creativity, lifestyle, and our unique point of view in Surfing and Rock Climbing.

And so we left! Loaded like donkeys, hitchhiking, with 27 lucas (50 bucks) in our pockets and no credit card, the old way. Just a fire burned pot, superfoods, miserable to have water bottle and our tent Eureka from year 78`.

Big dreams, visions and rock walls were waiting for us a long time ago. Having gone to  Northern Hemisphere´s Cochamó (Yosemite), we vowed not to return before knowing the truth Cochamó, that Chilean one .

Calls between forecasts and friends scattered around the South, we got very curious to go first to climb by good weather, but also a great swell was coming so... we thought what should we do? Anxious not to be left without bread or pieces, with many possible combinations, the itinerary was giving daily, the funniest thing was that sometimes we thought we would get to a place to surf, and we were short 800 kilometers. One thing is clear, we surrender to the mercy of the Chilean forestry truckers met, Gypsies and even backpackers well cool. If you want to hitchhike, a council; God helps he who rises early.

From our base camp Puerto Varas finally we left for the promised land (a secret beach near Puerto Montt), with tables and looking good to attract drivers and curious bus drivers.

Just arriving we could not stop surfing in 5 days, fed pure spiraling, almost...

On the other hand our Kaya friends, including Santi Perez invited us to eat exquisite sierras (really good fish). The waves broke fast, difficult to read but well glazed and intense. During our time there we shared with groups in coming and going out, all the time with lots of fun.

Between introspection, contemplation and expansion, comes the expected moment, a change of tide draws a perfect peak, entered the sea and Bummm! I put on tubazo of life. Then she started dating the ocean, difficult to grasp short board left, so I went out to look for from 8 feet to fall back more and then never came out.

When it came time to go to Cochamo, we got good weather and an invitation from some friends to Antillanca, which certainly paid off. In the morning we start the whole husk toward a nameless hill and told the Vale: "This is the climber´s pace, we will train". In 28 minutes we reached the summit and we celebrated with mantras.

And when Cochamó? The next day we took breakfast on the way to the ultimate adventure, but the unexpected took over the stage and between backwardness, blackberries and little-traveled roads, we were saved by these funny guys we called "retamboreados" who seemed a bit tired. With them we became friends, ate empanadas and talked for hours. Thus, between Argentina and real stories, we come to a crossroads and take the long road to complete around the Lake Llanquihue and one asks the other: "Let`s see the waterfalls?" Ready! we quickly turned around and pass some people on the trail and waterfall which turned out to be really spectacular! The surprise factor and low expectations are easily overcome.

In the afternoon, we arrived at the camp, at this point, anxious to reach Cochamó. Waiting for six years seemed to go on forever, wait 7 hours was too much, but we built a fire, ate something and went distress. We woke up at 6:00 am and the first car with woodcutters took us to the majestic estuary of Reloncaví. As the sun rose, the bus and walked passed yet loaded with ropes, irons and some superfoods along the Carretera Austral. Arriving at the path we encounter another surprise, Carlita and Cristobal Flesichmann, great friends were waiting there.

Arriving at the Board, we settled into our year chub 78 ', lentils and beans to germinate the following days and climb has been said. And with little luke in his pocket, Pato, the host of camping Vista Hermosa, welcomed us into their campsite in exchange for jackets for water, a blessing. We climbed as ever and just leave Cochamó when we finished the meal. We were happy to have known and climbed in this paradise of granite, pure goodness in this wonderful place. And it was time to leave again, this time from Puerto Varas towards the beach, at the height of Chillán.

After 16 hitchhikes and spending the night in an earthquake abandoned construction at the edge of the road, we reach the end destination. A perfect wave meter and a half invited us to surf, ending the trip with five days of intense surfing, sharing with Benja Carvallo and Sofia Haye our last reserves of spirulina and grilled pomfret. We left for home full of joy and great material for editing, which we share with you now.

Enjoy is the most important thing in life but do we believe other things, and that's what we want to share with you today!

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