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Life is Superfun

Chile is superfun, nature is super fun, life is superfun! We invite you to discover passionating stories on exploration; the work that we do is somehow totally planned but still nature decides for us the surprises that we get. Here you will find some reports with inspiring photographs and videos made by ourselves or our favorite sports; which we prefer to call arts. Arts because as our friend Dean Potter said with lots of wisdom: “outdoor arts are beyond sport, and for many of us is our spirituality.

We are natural persons, living non-conventional lives, as many other world travelers seeking happiness. We laugh about simple things, we really enjoy the essence of being alive in every moment, led buy our values empathy, creativity, and excellence.

Empathy within our guests, followers and relatives. Creativity at the moment of offering things that are not in the average market, having a clear focus in problem-solving, in a resourceful way. Excellence at the moment of saying, thank you for preferring us, we want you to take a part of our souls with you; people don’t meet just by chance so… Excellence, in the sense that we offer you some excursion, you get a friend in this far part of the world you will remember and still miss us.

This Blog may be a place of freedom for us, we really hope you get touched by the emotional spice that we put into it, since we believe emotions are real.

We hope you like it, share it and you follow us, you never know when we will have our next event, our next movie in a festival or a new first accent we may want to share with you!


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