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Doug Tompkins Legacy

Why being sad? Douglas Tompkins has just left our living form, in his law, having lived a life full of effort and giving.

On this Doug Tompkins Legacy Post; we want to first highlight all of our support, cherish, and blesses to his family, before we keep going with this greeting note to a very special person that has changed the future of our rainforest!

The new has affected us just like many admirable beings we want to always remember, with all of the respect his family deserves; we are in a dilema, should we have insisted more to meet him one more time? should we appreciate even more we met him at least once, on his land he treasured a lot better than any Chilean has?

These questions may turn around in our minds for a while, but reality is he will always be with us, and more deeply, if we "land" this statement, then he will always be with us in the form of forest.

Now that you are not with us, all we can say is: Fly Free, you have left a deep legacy in our values and decision-making in our country and outdoor arts generation. You definitely were and always will be an example of a devoted person within deep-ecology.

We could not meet you on time (now its our job!), please make sure from where you are that we keep going with your work, give us the strength to keep going up the hill with the dreams we chase, and we may have some meters of land protected to honor you after all. We went personally to see your new development model, and seems just perfect, the model of love!

Thank you very much for your best intentions and your capacity to actually materialize your utopia, that living away from consumerism may become not utopia, rather than a reality.

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